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Clients have recommended our workshops as ‘outstanding’, ‘practical’, ‘relevant’, ‘entertaining’, ‘interactive’ and ‘of great commercial value’. 

We are experts in designing and facilitating relevant, fun and interactive workshops, either face to face or online.  Workshops are  specifically tailored to the group’s objectives and challenges, and provide tangible and practical learning outcomes. Workshops can range from 2 hours to a full day and topics can be combined to suit. 

Workshops For Senior Leaders

We provide leadership workshops and leadership coaching specifically targeted at mid-senior leaders, including Executive Teams. Popular topics include:

  • The “First Team” Mindset for Executive Teams

  • Inclusive Leadership Series

  • Storytelling and Enhanced Presentation Skills

  • High Performing Ways of Working Series

Leadership Coaching

We provide leadership coaching for senior leaders and executives. Our coaching starts with identifying your leadership goals and priorities to build your personalised programme. Coaching sessions are typically 60 – 90 mins, fortnightly or monthly, and include calls and emails between sessions.


Topical issues within leadership coaching:

  • Creating your leadership legacy.

  • Being more inclusive and conscious of bias.

  • Using storytelling to inspire and build rapport.

  • Influencing board members and stakeholders.

  • Pitching new ideas and compelling presentations.

Workshops for Teams

  • Bringing Values to Life 

  • Building Team Connection

  • Listening and Feedback Skills

  • Understanding Unconscious Bias

  • Understanding Diversity and Inclusion

  • Engagement Action Planning

  • Feedback and Managing Performance

  • HR Essentials for People Managers

  • Persuasive Presentations

  • Influencing Skills

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We have worked for over 12 years with many leading law and accounting firms, providing tailored workshops. 


  •  The “First Team” Mindset for Executive Teams

  • Developing the Law/ Accounting Firm of the Future

  • Inclusive Leadership Series

  • Storytelling and Enhanced Presentation Skills


  •  Creating a Powerful Personal Brand

  • Business Development Skills

  • Compelling Presentation Skills

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Are you building a high performing inclusive culture

where your people are engaged and productive?

Having the right culture is critical to any organisation’s success. We can help you develop or refresh your People Strategy. Our approach is people centric and everything we do is to increase engagement and performance. We work across the entire employee experience cycle providing strategic advice, frameworks, policies and workshops.

We undertake a full discovery to determine culture needs, challenges, opportunities and priorities, and design a range of solutions for you to consider.



Creating an Inclusive Culture

  1. Ensuring the culture is inclusive, creates a sense of belonging, and makes people feel they can bring their whole selves to work.

  2. Refreshing values and making them real in the workplace.

  3. Setting up frameworks, policies and support to promote mental wellbeing and to address bullying promptly.

  4. Improving resilience and ability to adapt to change.

  5. Making flexible arrangements more effective with clear expectations and accountability.

Retaining and Developing Internal Talent

  1. Developing a talent strategy that retains and develops internal talent and career pathways.

  2. Creating better 1:1s and appraisals.

  3. Facilitating talent forums with more depth and to avoid bias.

  4. Building a customised succession planning matrix to identify and develop successors.

  5. Reviewing your EVP and recruitment processes to attract more talent.

  6. Reviewing internal vs external remuneration and promotion policies and its impact.

Diversity and Inclusion

  1. Helping you create or revamp your diversity and inclusion strategy, policy, goals and reporting.

  2. Introducing cultural initiatives and celebrations.

  3. Understanding unconscious bias and choice of inclusive language

  4. Personality profiling and adapting to diverse personalities.

  5. Reviewing the recruitment process for bias.

  6. Addressing pay equity gaps.

Raising the Bar on Engagement

  1. Trending global insights and ideas on employee engagement.

  2. Understanding the power of analytics and how to identify and track critical areas.Practical strategies to action plan key engagement areas.

  3. Tips for icebreakers and low budget fun activities to build team connection.

  4. Using online tools like Mentimeter to obtain in real time confidential responses from employees face to face, hybrid or fully remotely.

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